RDM+: Remote Desktop for Apple iPhone/iPod touch

v. 3.11

Access and control your computer remotely right from your iPhone/iPod touch.
You can send and receive emails, edit documents, surf web, manage files
and do hundreds of other things that you usually do on your home or office

RDM+ for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch v. 3.11

  Getting started guide Getting Started Guide(pdf, ~1.2 Mb)

RDM+ Desktop for Windows v. 4.20

  RDM+ Desktop for Windows RDM+ Desktop(exe, ~3.9 Mb)
  Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide(pdf, ~301 Kb)

RDM+ Desktop for Mac v. 3.6

  RDM+ Desktop for Mac RDM+ Desktop(dmg, ~1.6 Mb)
for Intel-based Macs running on Mac OS X 10.6 and later
  RDM+ Desktop for Mac RDM+ Desktop v. 2.11(dmg, ~1.2 Mb)
for Intel-based Macs running on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5
  Getting Started Guide for Mac Getting Started Guide(pdf, ~395 Kb)
Please use QR-code below to show RDM+ in App Store on your iPhone/iPod touch

RDM+ for iPhone/iPod touch in App Store QR-code

Alternatively, please click here to open RDM+ page in iTunes App Store

RDM+ Desktop application itself and all its updates are free. Updates can be installed over existing versions of RDM+ Desktop.
Note: We recommend to use the latest versions of both RDM+ Desktop and mobile applications.