Access your Mac or PC remotely
from your iPad

RDM+ is an easy-to-setup and reliable application providing fast and secure remote access to your Mac or Windows computers. Send and receive emails, edit documents, surf web, manage files and do hundreds of other things that you usually do on your home or office computer.


Free RDM+ Desktop app for Mac & Windows

Why RDM+?

On-the-go access to your computer

RDM+ is ultimate remote control tool for both Windows and Mac OS X.


Simply install mobile application on your iPad and RDM+ Desktop on the remote computer and RDM+ is ready to use. You don't need to adjust any firewall / router settings.

Native iPad application

Take advantage of large screen and multitouch gestures for the best iPad remote control experience.

Multimedia control panel

Controlling your home media center has never been easier.

Dynamic image quality and operation speed balance

Unique data compression algorithms decreasing data traffic while keeping fast application performance on 3G / Edge / GPRS connection.

Connect to as many computers as you want

RDM+ Desktop application can be installed on as many computers as you want at no additional cost.
This has saved me on multiple occasions.


RDM+ is the best remote control software I've seen thus far on the iPhone.


What I found is that whether you use an iPhone or a BlackBerry you will like what the RDM+ remote desktop has to offer.


RDM+ was the best for dead easy setup.