How to Start


Follow these three steps to get access to your remote computer.

  1. Install RDM+ Desktop on the computer you want to access remotely. Download it here. During installation, your computer will be assigned a unique computer number which you'll use in step #3.

  2. Point any web browser on your computer to and sign in.
    Or point Safari browser on your iPhone to
  3. Connect to the remote computer by entering the computer number, account name and the password.

Start Connection

To start using RDM+ Web you have to sign up first. Press Sign up on the home page and fill out the form. If you use your iPhone or iPod Touch, point Safari browser to and tap sign up button.

If you have already bought the license you are recommended to enter the purchase email address. Anyway specify your existing email address to be able to change the password.

After this your personal computer list will be created. To add a new computer Press Add computer in the computer list. In the Add computer form enter the computer number which you had received during RDM+ Desktop part installation and registration. Enter your account (account name and password) which you created in RDM+ control panel and save the information. Learn how to install RDM+ Desktop here.

Click a computer link to connect to remote computer.

RDM+ Web works on Opera 9.0 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher, Safari 3 and higher without any additional software. Internet Explorer 6 and higher and other browsers require Java 1.5 and higher.

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